On Air

We’re sitting in the studio, giving our fledgling podcast one last listen before we upload it, make the site live, and set out on whatever strange adventure this will be. Like all humans, home renovation projects, and studies of the unknown it is a work in progress. There’s a loose format, but also a feeling - the feeling of tip-toeing our way around a dark lake, flashlight beams peeking left and right. We kind of know what we’re looking for. We’ve heard stories about some strange beasts that can roam this time of night. We already ate all of the peanut butter sandwiches, no snacks left.

So, come with us won’t you? This world gets a little emptier every year and none of us know what we’re doing. Do you have any chips? Maybe some Gummi Bears you have stashed in your pocket? It’s hungry work out here searching, and we’re a long way from camp.

If nothing else, you must bring your headphones. And your antenna. You can pick up the signal if you try.

Let what we make be extra batteries for your flashlight.

Come with us. We’ll know it when we find it.

D. Shadeaux