Case 2.05: Non Sequitur

A benevolent transporter accident reunites Ensign Kim with the great love of his life! His girlfriend is there, too. Fate may have granted Harry a reprieve from his deep-space exile, but will Judge Later’s court show similar mercy to this episode? Is “Non Sequitur” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.04: Elogium

Things get weird as Voyager drifts into a swarm of hyper-affectionate space worms, kicking Kes’ Okampan physiology into straight-up “birds-and-bees” mode. Will Neelix shirk from the idea of fatherhood, or will he place his reproductive future into Kes’ love-spackled hands? Is “Elogium” good… or is it garbage?   

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Case 2.03: Projections

The Doctor awakens to a strange and terrifying world in which he is a person who willingly socializes with Reg Barclay (also, Voyager has been attacked and most of the crew has been spirited off to their presumptive doom). Mystery! Suspense! A C-list NextGen cameo! Is “Projections” good… or is it garbage?  

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Case 2.02: Initiations

Aron Eisenberg guest spots as Angry Kazon Nog to teach Chakotay a lesson about the dangers of attempting to mentor random people in space. The court reels at the revelation that Chakotay is at least casually opposed to the notion of killing children. Is “Initiations” good… or is it garbage?   

Case 2.01: The 37s

The writers of Star Trek: Voyager charge into season 2 by heroically tackling one of history’s most famous mysteries! The Talkers of The People vs. Star Trek: Voyager charge into season 2 by examining how that mystery is handled and heroically deciding that they aren’t entirely sure how they feel about it! Is “The 37s” good… or is it garbage?

Case 1.17: Season One Finale

16 episodes. Three hosts. One courtroom. And one chance to save a season… or condemn it. It’s the Season 1 finale of The People vs. Star Trek: Voyager, and the stakes will never be this high again! Unless we make it to the Season 2 finale, in which case the stakes will be equally as high! Extra drama! Extra backtory for Bliff the Bailiff! Final arguments presented through the majesty of original song! One verdict will be rendered, and our most devoted listeners and supporters get to decide: Is Season 1 of Star Trek: Voyager good… or is it garbage?

Case 1.16: Learning Curve

Drill Sergeant Tuvok sets out to whip some lazy Maquis into fighting shape in Voyager’s accidental season 1 finale, but Vulcan discipline might not be enough to get this episode over the wall. Is “Learning Curve” good… or is it garbage?  

Case 1.15: Jetrel

Voyager goes all-in on debating the ethics of atrocity in times of war, and Neelix is the unlikely rhetorical centerpiece. The members of Judge Later’s court must decide if the writers go too far (or perhaps not far enough) in exploring one of the darkest moments in human history. Also: Janeway will still let anyone on the ship. Is it OK for Star Trek to be joyless when the subject matter warrants? Can Neelix find it in his heart to forgive? SHOULD he forgive? Do Talaxians even have hearts? Is “Jetrel” good… or is it garbage?  

Case 1.13: Cathexis

Things get all spiritual and stuff as a mysterious space accident leaves Chakotay in a coma. Meanwhile, an invisible force makes members of the crew sabotage the ship and punch each other in hilarious fashion, and nobody-- not even the officers of Judge Later’s space court-- knows who to trust! Is “Cathexis” good… or is it garbage?