Case 3.17: Unity

The three-part Nekrit Expanse arc comes to a dramatic conclusion (Did you know there was a Nekrit Expanse arc? Well, turns out there was, and we just finished it)! Separated from Janeway by a shuttle crash, Chakotay quickly finds another smart, lovely, ultra-competent woman to jerk him around. But behind her talk of utopian collectivism and (overrated) Texas barbecue lurks a shocking secret! Will their romance falter when it’s revealed that she’s a freakin’ BORG?! Will Chakotay risk it all to help his battery-powered girlyfriend convince everyone to join her weird co-op? Will storm-induced technical difficulties in our studio result in an episode that sounds like the speech track from a Super Nintendo game? Is S3E17 “Unity” GOOD… or is it GARBAGE?