Case 3.15: Coda

Janeway goes full Groundhog Day in one of Season 3’s craz:::SUBSPACE ANOMALY DETECTE::D::DDD@#’’’ALL HAIL THE EMPRESS. GLORY TO THE TERRAN EMPIRE. The true arbiters of justice convene once again to punish another potentially treasonous episode of Voyager! A perfectly reasonable inter-dimensional tyrant offers to free Janeway from a temporal loop in exchange for an aeon of servitude. Will the foolish captain take her rightful place within the cosmic inferno? Will Judge Imperatus Afternoonien Now amuse himself by allowing this offering to cling to its pathetic existence for one more day, or will another episode be sentenced to a just death? Is episode 3.14 “Coda” PERMISSIBLE… or is it PUNISHABLE BY DEATH?