Case 3.1: Basics - Part 2

The #1 Star Trek podcast in lower northeast Georgia returns for its improbable third season! When last we left the courtroom of Judge Midnightien Later, some, all, or possibly none of the court’s cast of characters had fallen victim to a surprise ambush by the nefarious Crewman Michael “Smerm” Jonas! Will Space Court be changed forever? Or will EVERYTHING BE COMPLETELY THE SAME? Meanwhile, the Voices from the Past claw their way from the mess of “Basics, Part 1” to tangle with the notably less messy “Basics, Part 2.” Will Voyager’s third season stumble out of the blocks? Will any of us ever truly heal from the loss of Crewman Hulken Hogan? Is “Basics, Part 2” good… or is it garbage?  

Help us out!