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Episode 15 - KRULL! - Here I Am

The Brothers of Shadeaux delve deeply into future plans and scheduling concerns. The End grows ever more adjacent. The future grows dark - or bright? Who can say? Runeclock Session 4 included for no extra cost. A hearbreaking solo for Lissa is written in the KRULL! musical. Danny Trejo did not appear in this episode.

Special Presentation - Runeclock/Session Three

You listen to so many D&D podcasts. You watch so many D&D YouTube Videos. Don’t you wish you could reach in and play?

Runeclock is an experimental, interactive program. The System will decipher all comments into executable input and then generate the next stage of the Session. Without input the System cannot function. All Users are registered as OBSERVERS by default but toggle their status to PLAYER when a command is entered.

PLAYERS input commands using the comments section of the pertinent post on [link below].

Please include your PLAYER [[handle]] when posting.

As the Session grows in sophistication more commands may become available.

As with any complicated System, the full extent of the simulation parameters is unknown. All USERS should be wary of emergent gameplay, unexpected coincidence, and a small degree of risk.

The System is waiting.