Case 3.14: Alter Ego

Episode Notes (for iTunes/site): The courtroom is ROCKED by an unexpected visitor pushing a wheelbarrow full of family drama! The studio is ROCKED by PvSTV #1 superfan and noted northeast Georgia gourmand Jeff Chen! Kim and Tuvok are ROCKED by the beguiling, matronly wiles of a sensibly attractive hologram! Will all this rocking be enough to rattle the steady stare of Lady Space Justice? Will Jeff Chen every actually watch an episode of Voyager? Is “Alter Ego” good… or is it garbage?

Case 3.13: Fair Trade

Goaded to the edge by his professional insecurities, Neelix plunges headlong into the dark, unforgiving, and super-boring world of small-time medical supply scamming. But, just like this episode, he must eventually reckon with the stern-but-affectionate scowl of justice! Will he become the Scarface of a crappy space station run by a sasquatch? Will Paris and Chakotay be executed for the crime of one time having seen this dude who totally got murdered later? Is Ensign Vorick’s name ACTUALLY ENSIGN BORK? Is “Fair Trade” good… or is it garbage?

Case 3.12: Macrocosm

Janeway returns from a botched diplomatic mission to find herself plunged into the MACROCOSM, the most dangerous of all the cosms! Will a compression phaser rifle, a killer instinct, and a truckload of dignified sex appeal be enough to single-handedly save everyone from the clutches of the gross virus things? Can Commando Janeway set a new standard for all other “commando captain” Star Trek episodes? Will Ridley Scott sue for breach of IP law? Is “Macrocosm” good… or is it garbage?

Case 3.11: The Q and the Grey

Hurrah, boys, hurrah! The political fallout last season’s Q episode has plunged The Continuum into a bloody war of the civil variety, and no one is safe from the costumer’s extensive collective of brass-buttoned waistcoats, plumed hats, and frilly undergarments! The only thing that can end the slaughter? A half-immortal space messiah born of Janeway’s top-notch womb! Will Q convince Janeway to play surrogate for the good of all reality? Will Janeway gently tell Q to piss off or will she directly tell Q to piss off? Will Q be the only person to ever take lessons in game from Tom Paris? Is “The Q and the Grey” good… or is it garbage?

Case 3.10: Warlord

A dying warlord takes control of Kes’ mind and becomes the greatest hero in Star Trek history by breaking up with Neelix! Unfortunately, he also does a bunch of crappy stuff, so the Voyager crew must devise a daring plan to put Kes back in the driver’s seat of her own brain. Will their efforts be enough to save Kes from being interesting? Will the writers restore her safely to the margins of Voyager’s overarching narrative? Is the holodeck Tiki Bar like an actual thing we’re doing now, like no joke this is a thing? Is “Warlord” GOOD… or is it GARBAGE?

Case 3.9: Future's End - Part 2

Future’s End careens towards its thrilling, uh, end, and it will take all of the crew’s cunning to stop the smarmy overlord of mid-1990s Silicon Valley! Can Voyager escape the past to bypass the present and save the near future from the distant future? Can Torres and Chakotay escape the Coors-soaked clutches of several future members of Trump’s cabinet? Is Future’s End, Part II GOOD… or is it GARBAGE?

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Case 3.9: Night School Confidential

The well-coiffed warriors of TV Court go back into the fray to determine the legal fate of yet another episode! Meanwhile, Larry and Balki go undercover (for some reason) to break open Chicago’s biggest counterfeit Rolex cartel! It’s a two-tiered cake of justice, and only Judge Sugarbaker can decide who takes the first bite! Will this prove to be yet another zany bonding experience for the kooky cousins? Or Will Larry and Balki be beaten, murdered, and left to rot in an abandoned inner-city high school? Is “Night School Confidential” PERFECT… or is it STRANGER?

Case 3.8: Future's End - Part 1

Voyager gets sucked into a one-way temporal tunnel, dumping them and the audience right into the very beating heart of ‘90s nostalgia! Can the officers of the Space Court strap up their rollerblades and outskate the charms of Sarah Silverman and Ed Begley, Jr., on their way to some totally bodacious justice? Will the crew of Voyager accidentally prevent the invention of podcasting, thus saving us all? Could anyone else in any decade rock that off-white pantsuit quite like Janeway? Is “Future’s End, Part 1” GOOD… or is it GARBAGE?

Case 3.7: Sacred Ground

THE COURT OF WIZARDS CONVENES to augur the mystic fate of an episode so bizarrely and unexpectedly anti-science that it defies the constraints of humankind’s petty powers of perception! Voyager’s ethereal jaunt into the realm of faith-based healing leads Janeway to question the premises upon which her entire career and her identity and this entire series and all of Star Trek are founded! But will her ability to doubt evidence and hold rocks for a long time be enough to save Kes from the wrath of the spiteful, selfish, kind(?), merciful(???) Spirits of the Nechani? Is “Sacred Ground” a MAGICAL FABLE… or is SCIENCE GARAGE?  

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Case 3.6: Remember

Spacetime is shattered and new heights of hubris are attained as The People vs. Star Trek: Voyager introduces a shocking, new concept that will change podcasting forever: GUESTS. Robyn McGlotten and Tracy Holt from Diversity Issues Podcast drop by to guide the court through Torres’ heartbreaking journey into someone else’s past, but will their astute analysis sway the heart of Lady Space Justice, or will technical issues with Google Hangout and that one microphone result in a space mistrial? Is “Remember” good… or is it garbage?

Case 3.5: False Profits

It’s the TNG tie-in episode you never knew you wanted and quite possibly don’t want! The Alpha Quadrant’s most problematic alien race makes its way to the Delta Quadrant in the form of those two guys who went through that wormhole in that one episode about that thing, and the nondescript inhabitants of Unimportant Planet will NEVER BE THE SAME. Can Secret Agent Neelix liberate the boring peasants of Who Gives A Crap from the grip of Ferengi avarice? Can Voyager pull off a screwball comedy without being screwball or comedic? Is “False Profits” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 3.4: The Swarm

The Doctor begins to succumb to the effects of working too damn hard just as Voyager succumbs to the temptation to trespass in the backyard of the xenophobic and presumably dangerous Swaaarrrrrrrrm! The Doctor and Voyager ride towards oblivion on the backs of two disparate and wholly unrelated storylines, but will the quick wits of Harry Kim and, uh, another holographic doctor be enough to save this two-headed plot monster from the judicial junk pile? Will the Doctor be restored to his factory settings? Will Voyager ever actually clarify if the Doctor was, in fact, restored to his factory settings? Or will we just move on from this episode as if nothing ever happened? Probably! Is “The Swarm” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 3.3: The Chute

Tom and Harry are dead men walking the green mile while doing hard time on the Inside, and they ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when. But will this episode prove to be Voyager’s version of “The Shawshank Redemption,” or is it more like “Ernest Goes to Jail?” Bonds of friendship are strained and reasonable suspensions of disbelief are tested! Delicate scientific instruments are forged from prison garbage! Will Voyager rescue Tom and Harry before their humanity gives way under the dehumanizing burden of prison life? Will that one guy ever shut up about his manifesto? Is “The Chute” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 3.2: Flashback

Tuvok takes an unexpected tumble down Repressed Memory Lane and lands squarely in the middle of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country! But will a journey back to his early career as a preening kiss-ass be enough to salvage his destabilizing psyche? Voyager’s third season charges ahead, fueled by a guest spot from a genuine Star Trek legend! Did Tuvok really drop a child off a cliff? Worse than that, is he really the guy who wanted to leave Kirk and Bones to die? Is “Flashback” good… or is it garbage?

Case 3.1: Basics - Part 2

The #1 Star Trek podcast in lower northeast Georgia returns for its improbable third season! When last we left the courtroom of Judge Midnightien Later, some, all, or possibly none of the court’s cast of characters had fallen victim to a surprise ambush by the nefarious Crewman Michael “Smerm” Jonas! Will Space Court be changed forever? Or will EVERYTHING BE COMPLETELY THE SAME? Meanwhile, the Voices from the Past claw their way from the mess of “Basics, Part 1” to tangle with the notably less messy “Basics, Part 2.” Will Voyager’s third season stumble out of the blocks? Will any of us ever truly heal from the loss of Crewman Hulken Hogan? Is “Basics, Part 2” good… or is it garbage?  

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Case 2.27: Season Two Finale - The Peter Jackson Extended Edition

The high-speed, drunken shuttle ride of Voyager’s second season comes careening into space dock! Will it stick the landing-- or will the entire hangar bay go up in flames? It’s a no-holds-barred legal battle to determine the fate of the sum of season two’s parts! Spurlock and John Q make their arguments in song! The Voices from the Past make their arguments in words! Bliff makes his arguments in pie! And it all ends in a surprisingly violent cliffhanger that will keep you in suspense until Season 3. The Patreon Grand Jury members have cast their votes, and it’s time to make a verdict… is Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 GOOD… or is it GARBAGE?

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Case 2.26: Basics - Part 1

Season 2 draws to a close with the dramatic first part of a dramatic two-part finale! As the jury readies itself to determine a season-wide verdict, the Voices from the Past celebrate surviving another season by watching a Georgia football game and drinking too much whiskey and/or beer prior to recording! It’s like “Drunk History,” but instead of history it’s critical analysis of one episode of a sci-fi show from 1990’s network TV! Will closing arguments be hopelessly slurred? Can justice survive a late-afternoon hangover? Is “Basics, Part I,” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.25: Resolutions

Janeway and Chakotay contract a seemingly incurable virus, and in order for them to survive, JANETAY must be born! Can Judge Later render justice in the face of the character hookup he has long feared? Will Tuvok prove he’s one of those captains who should have remained an assistant captain? Will salvation arrive in the form of the Doctor’s old friend-with-benefits, or will Voyager’s two-person command team spend their lives stranded on a planet… of love? Is “Resolutions” good… or is it garbage?

Case 2.24: Tuvix - LIVE at Dragon Con

It’s The People v. Star Trek: Voyager like you’ve NEVER heard it before: LIVE and INTERDIMENSIONAL! Lost in Space-Time, the legal warriors of Judge Later’s court must adjudicate before a living, breathing crowd of rabid Trek enthusiasts at DRAGON*CON, deep within the wilds of Atlanta, GA! Will this be the episode that finally rips apart the seams of accepted judicial procedure? Will the crowd sit respectfully through 15 minutes of advanced transporter theory, or will they riot? Is “Tuvix” GOOD… or is it GARBAGE?

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