Case 3.1: Basics - Part 2

The #1 Star Trek podcast in lower northeast Georgia returns for its improbable third season! When last we left the courtroom of Judge Midnightien Later, some, all, or possibly none of the court’s cast of characters had fallen victim to a surprise ambush by the nefarious Crewman Michael “Smerm” Jonas! Will Space Court be changed forever? Or will EVERYTHING BE COMPLETELY THE SAME? Meanwhile, the Voices from the Past claw their way from the mess of “Basics, Part 1” to tangle with the notably less messy “Basics, Part 2.” Will Voyager’s third season stumble out of the blocks? Will any of us ever truly heal from the loss of Crewman Hulken Hogan? Is “Basics, Part 2” good… or is it garbage?  

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Case 2.27: Season Two Finale - The Peter Jackson Extended Edition

The high-speed, drunken shuttle ride of Voyager’s second season comes careening into space dock! Will it stick the landing-- or will the entire hangar bay go up in flames? It’s a no-holds-barred legal battle to determine the fate of the sum of season two’s parts! Spurlock and John Q make their arguments in song! The Voices from the Past make their arguments in words! Bliff makes his arguments in pie! And it all ends in a surprisingly violent cliffhanger that will keep you in suspense until Season 3. The Patreon Grand Jury members have cast their votes, and it’s time to make a verdict… is Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 GOOD… or is it GARBAGE?

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Case 2.26: Basics - Part 1

Season 2 draws to a close with the dramatic first part of a dramatic two-part finale! As the jury readies itself to determine a season-wide verdict, the Voices from the Past celebrate surviving another season by watching a Georgia football game and drinking too much whiskey and/or beer prior to recording! It’s like “Drunk History,” but instead of history it’s critical analysis of one episode of a sci-fi show from 1990’s network TV! Will closing arguments be hopelessly slurred? Can justice survive a late-afternoon hangover? Is “Basics, Part I,” good… or is it garbage?

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Is Voyager Season 2 good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.25: Resolutions

Janeway and Chakotay contract a seemingly incurable virus, and in order for them to survive, JANETAY must be born! Can Judge Later render justice in the face of the character hookup he has long feared? Will Tuvok prove he’s one of those captains who should have remained an assistant captain? Will salvation arrive in the form of the Doctor’s old friend-with-benefits, or will Voyager’s two-person command team spend their lives stranded on a planet… of love? Is “Resolutions” good… or is it garbage?

Case 2.24: Tuvix - LIVE at Dragon Con

It’s The People v. Star Trek: Voyager like you’ve NEVER heard it before: LIVE and INTERDIMENSIONAL! Lost in Space-Time, the legal warriors of Judge Later’s court must adjudicate before a living, breathing crowd of rabid Trek enthusiasts at DRAGON*CON, deep within the wilds of Atlanta, GA! Will this be the episode that finally rips apart the seams of accepted judicial procedure? Will the crowd sit respectfully through 15 minutes of advanced transporter theory, or will they riot? Is “Tuvix” GOOD… or is it GARBAGE?

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Case 2.23: The Thaw

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends, it’s a sentient personification of fear manifesting as a murderous Cirque du Soleil, come inside, come inside! Michael McKean guest stars alongside a truckload of nightmare fuel as Ensign Kim finds himself hostage inside a computer-generated paradise gone horribly, colorfully wrong. Will Voyager’s crew overcome their fears and conquer this army of living metaphors? Will the Space Court reward the risk taken by Voyager’s writers in producing this super-weird episode? Is “The Thaw” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.22: Innocence

Did you enjoy “Kindergarten Cop?” You didn’t? What’s wrong with you? Well, maybe you’ll like this episode anyway, even though it also features a gruff-but-likeable tough guy foisted unexpectedly into the role of caretaker for a bunch of scared kids. Will hilarity ensue? Will the weird space kids help Tuvok sort out his own grief over being separated from his presumably non-weird space kids? Can Chakotay manage to botch yet another First Contact scenario? Is “Innocence” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.21: Deadlock

Two times the Voyagers! Two time the Janeways! Two times the action, which, as it turns out, might be too much action because it takes up room they should have used for narrative clarification! Is Voyager’s exciting, confusing run-in with a spatial scission fun enough to justify the unresolved, unexamined, baby-related plot points? Can the Space Court accept Harry Kim suddenly being pushed as a badass commando? Is “Deadlock” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.20: Investigations

Teachers, please turn on your classroom TVs and tune them to channel 3. Morning Announcements with Neelix is about to air-- and he’s got the real scoop on Resident Bad Boy Tom Paris! Will Crewman Smerm Jermajerm’s plot come crashing down around him? Will the story payoff be enough to justify three weeks of Tom being a total a-hole? Will Janeway jettison Neelix’s broadcast career right out the airlock? Is “Investigations” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.19: Lifesigns

A Vidiian gets a second chance at life and the Doctor gets a first chance at romance in Trek’s first tale of hologram love NOT involving the things that Riker does in between bridge shifts. Will the Doctor still love her if she rejoins her race of marauding organ pirates? Will anyone ever mention to the Doctor that dating a patient-- especially one that is, uh, technically comatose-- is an egregious violation of medical ethics? Will Voyager ever stop making episodes about suicide and the right to die (No, seriously, stop)? Is “Lifesigns” good… or is it garbage?  

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Case 2.18: Death Wish

Voyager continues its long, baffling, and slightly disturbing multi-episode examination of the moral implications! Can the combined power of two Qs find the fun in amid the gloomy philosophical grind? Is John de Lancie enough to sway the court’s ruling? Is “Death Wish” (not the Charles Bronson movie) good… or is it garbage?


Case 2.17: Dreadnought

SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! The Delta Quadrant will shake as Torres faces off against THE DREADNOUGHHHHHT in a no-rules battle for intellectual supremacy! WIN... and nothing happens! LOSE... and a random planet of reasonably friendly aliens goes UP. IN. FLAAAAAAAAMES [cue pyro effect]. Only ten slips of gold-pressed latinum for adults, five slips for kids and seniors! You’ll pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only NEED THE EDGE as you wait for the court to decide if “Dreadnought” is good… or if it’s garbage!

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Case 2.16: Meld

The wacky legal warriors of Judge Midnighhhhttgg::::SUBSPACE ANOMALY DETECTE::D::DDD@#’’’ALL HAIL THE EMPRESS. GLORY TO THE TERRAN EMPIRE. The galaxy’s one true arbiter of justice and decency convenes to punish another suspect cultural offering. A foolish Vulcan uses the powers of his pitiful mind to better understand the soul of a killer, but STRENGTH IS THE ONLY PATH TO TRUE UNDERSTANDING. Will the Vulcan embrace that most ancient and pure of laws? Will Judge Imperatus Afternoonien Now stain his honor with the weak bile of mercy, or will another episode (and another mewling defense attorney) be sentenced to swift justice? Is episode 2.16 “Meld” PERMISSIBLE… or is it PUNISHABLE BY DEATH?      

Case 2.15: Threshold

The courtroom is rocked by the impact of Voyager’s most infamously bizarre and patently awful episode, and the bounds of sanity and judicial procedure will be tested like never before. A judge recused! A desperate legal defense employed! Will the system hold? Can the Herculean acting of Robert Duncan McNeill salvage anything from the drug-addled catastrophe? Is “Threshold” garbage… or is it super garbage?

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Case 2.14: Alliances

It’s cowboy diplomacy time as Voyager learns the hard way that they aren’t quite badass enough to go it alone! Hunted and harried by a band of hyper-violent psychopaths, Janeway reaches out to form a defense pact with a band of hyper-violent psychopaths. Could anything possibly go wrong? Will Chakotay and Seska like actually talk about the fact that she impregnated herself with his stolen DNA? How many Kazon wigs will the director be able to cram into one room? Is “Alliances” good… or is it garbage?  

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Case 2.13: Prototype

The crew finds a 1960s-era cyberman floating in space, leading Torres to discover and then savagely murder the joy of creation. Will this episode construct a positive verdict from its various spare parts, or will it get owned as hard as Voyager does in that starship battle that takes place around the halfway mark? Will the basement of Torres’ subconscious have enough room for all the complicated feelings she needs to bury? Is “Prototype” good... or is it garbage?

Case 2.12: Resistance

Janeway meets the guy who played the Emcee in Cabaret and joins an underground revolution in order to save his wife and daughter from a prison that they aren’t actually in because they are dead. Can Janeway prevail without her state-of-the-art ship and mediocre crew to back her up? Will a thoughtful analysis and commentary give way under an avalanche of obvious musical theatre reference jokes? Is “Resistance” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.11: Maneuvers

An old foe pulls a straight-up smash n’ grab on Voyager’s complacent crew, making off with some valuable Federation tech and forcing Chakotay into ill-advised and insubordinate action! Will the faithful servants of the Space Court be sufficiently thrilled by his daring and kind of stupid exploits? Will Voyager capitalize on its first recurring villain, or will Seska Space Fresca and the Chakotay neck baby she carries in her womb be consigned to the overflowing dustbin of discarded plot devices? Is “Maneuvers” good… or is it garbage?

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Case 2.10: Cold Fire

Voyager finds the long-foreshadowed Other Caretaker, the only known being with the power to send them back to the Alpha Quadrant! One slight hitch: She’s a murderous, quasi-omnipotent monster with a telepathic army of Okampa cultists. Will Kes focus her psychokinetic rage powers long enough to save the crew? Will the Judge Later’s courtroom be completely overrun by stray references to the Dark Phoenix Saga? Is “Cold Fire” good… or is it garbage?

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